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I help children of all abilities to come to terms with difficult life events or experiences causing fear, anxiety, confusion, sadness, withdrawal, anger or frustration using Play and Creative Arts Therapy, so they can thrive, trust and love and be happy and confident.

I also coach parents who want to improve the relationship and communication with their child using Filial Play Coaching/Mentoring, so parents feel competent and confident and the child feels understood.

Play and Creative Arts Therapist

Are you worried about your child?

You are a dedicated parent, working very hard to give your child the best possible start in life. You’d do anything to make your child happy and self-confident. And you expect that your child will let you know when something bothers her or him, so you can help. But the reality is different: difficult things happen and instead of talking with you about what happened your child is withdrawing. You can’t reach your child in spite of all your efforts. Things get worse quickly: your child develops behaviours, which upset you and you don’t know how to deal with them. Your child gets into trouble at school. Friends stay away and your child gets lonely.

Do you recognize this?

How to go on?

  • How long can you cope with these difficulties?
  • How much longer can your child cope?
  • Do you want things to change?
  • What will you do to turn the tide? Keep trying yourself or are you and your child ready for a real change?

I can help you and your child work through the difficulties with Play and Creative Arts Therapy, Interactive Sensory Play, Filial Coaching/Mentoring or Consultations.

I work with children in two locations: Callan in County Kilkenny and Clonmel in County Tipperary. Sessions where parents are involved, such as in Interactive Sensory Play, can take place remotely.

Work with me

Play and creative therapy main image

Face-to-Face only
For children experiencing sensory, relational, emotional, social or behavioral difficulties

Interactive sensory play main image

Face-to-Face or Remote
For children and adults with sensory issues, developmental delays, autism or disabilities

Filial Play main image

Face-to-Face or Remote
For parents who want to improve the relationship with their child

Consultations main image

Face-to-Face or Remote
For parents with specific questions on play and development